Creativity is Messy

Ok, time for me to ‘fess up!

My life at the moment is very messy .. and I don’t like it!

I’m a neat, organised & clean kinda person so when things get messy, I get frustrated.     Life at the moment is busy and I’m wearing many multi-hats and with that comes the notion of forgetting at which moment what specific hat I am or should be wearing!

Crazy yes, … but I am so grateful for everything in my life.

I was looking at some wall art and stumbled across this which gave me a good chuckle … especially in light of my current situation.     Reckon I might put this in the kid’s room too!!!!!

What saying would you put on your wall?

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~ Love & light

Professional Beauty Glamour Photography for Women in Adelaide | Contemporary Portraiture

Cindy Lee, February 13, 2012
adelaide professional portrait photographer

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photographs by Cindy Lee

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