The “Before & After” transformation I shoot real women … ladies just like you and me. We don’t wake up looking & feeling glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we are not beautiful every day. We just don’t see it or feel it .. but it’s there! I can see it.

Cindy-Lee-glamour-700_3744_E Cindy-Lee-glamour-700_3735_E

Cindy-Lee-glamour-700_3290_E Cindy-Lee-glamour-700_3235_E

makeover portrait

and depending on client needs & artistic vision, photographs can be turned into works of art.
The example below is now a huge “Wall Art Canvas Pano Set” which hangs stunningly in our studio.

professional studio photographer

*Please note that we don’t cut or colour hair, only style it.   The client came for her shoot with this hair colour but we forgot to take the before photo during the session, so the ‘before’ shot is a couple of weeks later after her hair colour had already washed away.