photography training, ice light, jerry ghionis, mentorOne of the best investments I’ve made in further educating myself on the fine art of photography is being a part of the ICE Society learning from one of the photography greats … Jerry Ghionis.

For a dollar a day I’ve had access to all the past, present and future chapters and I never cease to be inspired & to develop.

Are you part of the society?  Maybe you should be … check it out!  ICE Society – Jerry Ghionis.   (You can try a free chapter with no obligation)

Ice Society Sneak Peek Inside by Jerry Ghionis – Chapter 38-48 Highlights
from The Ice Society by Jerry Ghionis on Vimeo.

“Remember, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be better than last week.”

~ Jerry Ghionis

Get on to it friends …  ICE Society Jerry Ghionis    (You can thank me later!!)