Why are women so camera shy?

I just love this Dove Campaign .. and it’s so incredibly true!!!

All women deserve to be beautifully photographed.  Did you know that 77% of women are camera shy … wow!!

If you’re anything like me, I hide in family group photos, duck behind menus if I’m photographed at a restaurant or anything that can shield me .. I GET IT .. and I’M TRYING TO CHANGE it! I want to exist in my photographs of my family, I want to exist in photos for my kids, I want to celebrate my time here on earth, weight and all. I want to set an example for my daughter and for my sons that is healthy and that all women are beautiful regardless of how they look or what they feel like.

I’m so proud to show everyday women just how beautiful they can be … now I’m hoping to do the same for me. Will you join me too?

Why do you hide from the camera as an adult but loved the camera as a little girl. What happened along the way? I’m inviting you (and me) to reflect on the point in your life when you became your own worst beauty critic and encourage you to be your own beautiful self. .. I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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~ Love & light

Professional Beauty Glamour Photography for Women in Adelaide | Contemporary Portraiture

Cindy Lee, November 7, 2013
adelaide professional portrait photographer

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photographs by Cindy Lee

Keep Shining!