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Why are women so camera shy?

I just love this Dove Campaign .. and it's so incredibly true!!! All women deserve to be beautifully photographed.  Did you know that 77% of women are camera shy ... wow!! If you're anything like me, I hide in family group photos, duck behind menus if I'm photographed at a restaurant or anything that can shield me .. I GET IT .. and I'M TRYING

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How to look fabulous in photos every time

IF YOU look completely different in every photo - sometimes great, sometimes totally awkward - then this is the story for you. SOME people have a pose. You've seen it - a toss of the head, a little dip, the coy up-look. SNAP! Picture perfect. Wish this was you? Here are five tips from photographer Glenn Campbell for nailing a classic photo, every time: "With

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Why is Our Self Perception of Beauty So Harsh?

Our self perception is harsh .. but that's not how the world sees us!! How do you define you're beauty .. is it a true reflection of who you are or what you look like? Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Dove conducted a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own

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Blogging Battle Scars

PS.  I'm not making any promises that my blogging will improve .. I'm just gonna TRY.   It just takes so darn LONG to do them that I prioritise my time instead to making my client experience great. Like I said, I'll try ... I know you all love to see these beautiful ladies.  Do you have your fingers crossed for me???!!  :)

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