Sincerely, I thank you …

Thank you for taking the time to be considerate enough to acknowledge my terms of use. It’s a problem that hasn’t as yet been fully abolished and certainly cannot be ignored. The internet is a wonderful medium but has opened a mammoth hole to image theft & copyright abuse.

What’s my stand? …

All content on this site is protected by Copyright Law and includes all images / photographs / artistic works / graphics / designs and wording.

Copyright to this site belongs to ©Cindy Lee (Cindy Lee van Gaalen) and is therefore not available for free use.  If you are interested in ANY of my works, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.

Please be aware however that I will pursue any & all unauthorised use of my works. Impossible you say? Well I’ve thought long and hard about this and you will find that all of my works have a non visible watermark that is traceable. I did warn you!!!

You may contact me regarding use of my images via the form below
Thank you for your cooperation and saving us both a headache! 😀

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