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Cindy Lee Portrait Photographer

Cindy Lee | Portrait Photographer

Cindy Lee | The Photographer

In my world everything is beautiful and everyone has a story to tell.

I want to celebrate YOU and everything that makes you ‘you’.

I am passionate about helping women to “see” and “feel” how beautiful they truly are .. everyday, even in the PJ’s and bed hair.     Sometimes we need to be awakened to how beautiful we are by seeing ourselves glammed up and made to feel special and learning to love the person we are … that’s why I love to do what I do.

My heart is fulfilled to watch you shine from the inside out as you blossom in front of my camera and take away not only stunning photographs that you will cherish forever, but to also take away that strength & confidence knowing that you are beautiful EVERYDAY!!   This experience will change how you see yourself forever.

But you are not alone on this journey .. I am right there on my own journey with you <3

Cindy Lee | The Creative

Photography truly is an art like no other and it delights me to be able to create this art for my clients.   Every time I open an image that takes my breath away, I know that I am doing what I was born to do.

My desire is to be able to focus on my clients and give them the absolute best experience I can which is why I offer a boutique service.   As my client you are valuable and I want you to enjoy a uniquely personal & creative experience, so let’s have some fun!   In order to do that, I will only be able to book a VERY limited number of sessions per month.

Cindy Lee van Gaalen | the Person

I am blessed to have been married over 23 years and have a wonderful, supportive man by my side. He is my #1 fan and greatest source of encouragement. I have three completely beautiful, talented yet loopy kids. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me crazy and they make my heart sing – they truly are my gift from God! You will notice them featured a lot in my art. My family, faith and friends are my inspiration.

I’m a photographer, portrait artist, entrepreneur, dreamer & a believer … and I love what I do. I live by a simple belief that “if God, being the most creative being in the Universe, created us in His image then all of that creativity is already contained inside of us.”  I am passionate about exploring that creativity and helping others to discover it too.

My loves …

My God
My Family
Watching my children
Laughing with my husband
A tender cuddle
Photography & being creative
Good Music
Good coffee
Sparkling mineral water
Icecream (sadly)
Floating in water
The Sun
The smell of the ocean & sounds of the waves
Being loved and loving in return
Musicals (or anything singing & dancing)
.. oh & few of  my little secrets!

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work and have only the highest expectations for what I deliver to my clients. I work with digital cameras and use good equipment to ensure high quality photographs for you. I am always endeavouring to learn more and try new things.

Other than being with my family and friends I am most at home and the happiest when taking photographs & being creative.

“We don’t take pictures with our cameras, we take them with our hearts and we take them with our minds, and the camera is nothing more than a tool.” Arnold Newman

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and sharing a small glimpse of the world, as I see it.

Now, enough about me… how ’bout you?   Send me an email, call or text!   I would love to hear from you and start “celebrating who YOU are”!



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Keep Shining!