The Ideal Just Doesn’t Exist

BuzzFeed gave four women professional 'Cover Model' makeovers of their dreams & had them pose for photos. Then they Photoshopped them to look like true "cover models" ... and hate the results. The ideal doesn't exist .. love who you are and what makes you YOU.  

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FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

I have considered writing a post very similar to this for quite some time ... But then I stumbled onto this and it summed up my thought perfectly! Please girls, love and respect yourselves first and foremost ... This is an excerpt from a post from "Mrs Hall" from and so perfectly sums up my own heartfelt pleas for my boys AND for the

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How to look fabulous in photos every time

IF YOU look completely different in every photo - sometimes great, sometimes totally awkward - then this is the story for you. SOME people have a pose. You've seen it - a toss of the head, a little dip, the coy up-look. SNAP! Picture perfect. Wish this was you? Here are five tips from photographer Glenn Campbell for nailing a classic photo, every time: "With

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