Every little girl wants to be a princess!   Some exciting news coming soon!  Stay tuned ...

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“Sheer” Beauty

Just a little teaser .. so I'm afraid we're going to have to stop there for privacy & anonymity :) That's part of the job as a Boudoir Photographer ... most of my favorite images are only seen by one woman and her man.   And I kinda like that.   It's what makes my work so sacred and fulfilling. But the real secret sauce to

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Beautiful Everyday : Monique

We are all beautiful everyday .. sometimes we just don't see it or even feel it. But beauty is so much more than outward appearances.   It's the very essence of us formed on the inside ... of all that we are, of who we are today. Today's celebration of everyday beauty is Monique ... a mother of 4, sister of 3, a daughter, a

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How to look slimmer in photos

Why do celebrities always strike a pose when faced with a camera? ... because they know how to appear up to 5kg slimmer with the right pose. 5   effective secrets to looking great in photos: #1     Turn partially sideways to the camera and place one foot in front of the other. Point your toe towards the camera and shift your weight to

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Hot Tomale!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this amazing lady. I LOVED every minute of her boudoir shoot from the initial booking to the final reveal. She is one "hot tomale"!!

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