Ever wondered how the ‘selfie’ culture began?

A self-photo, usually taken with a cell  phone  and posted online to  social networks  is called selfie. Almost, all over the world, different people - from kids to celebrities - are taking advantages of Smartphones camera technology and slick photo editing applications (particularly Instgram) to not only show others what they're up to, but also look perfect while doing it. But ever wondered, from where

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How to look fabulous in photos every time

IF YOU look completely different in every photo - sometimes great, sometimes totally awkward - then this is the story for you. SOME people have a pose. You've seen it - a toss of the head, a little dip, the coy up-look. SNAP! Picture perfect. Wish this was you? Here are five tips from photographer Glenn Campbell for nailing a classic photo, every time: "With

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