A self-photo, usually taken with a cell  phone  and posted online to  social networks  is called selfie. Almost, all over the world, different people – from kids to celebrities – are taking advantages of Smartphones camera technology and slick photo editing applications (particularly Instgram) to not only show others what they’re up to, but also look perfect while doing it. But ever wondered, from where and how this selfie culture began.

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I could list a lot of valid & noble reasons why it’s important to have a good photograph of yourself, but  in all honesty, the best reason is to have the most beautiful and sassy side of you recorded .. forever!  This isn’t just a “selfie” photo of you .. it’s you at your best, feeling & looking beautiful and having a beauty photographer who can draw out of you what you feel but don’t always show.  It’s the hair, the makeup, the moment, the “woman”ness (yes I’ve just invented a word haha) all wrapped into  timeless and treasured photographs.  Don’t you want memories for you & your loved ones like this … not just crappy mobile phone pics?    >>>  So call me!!!

Selfie vs Professional

Cindy Lee Contemporary Portraiture  #beforeandafter #cindylee