A beauty portrait should bring out the BEST you … not a DIFFERENT you!

The best reason to have a portrait shoot is to have the most beautiful and sexy side of you captured & framed forever.

This isn’t just a photo ‘of’ you .. it showcases you at your best, feeling beautiful & having a beauty photographer actually draw out of you what you feel but don’t always get to show. It’s the hair, the makeup, the moment, the softness, the sassiness all wrapped into a timeless photograph you & your loved ones will cherish.

I do not want not tweak you and change who you are in photoshop. My aim is to bring out the best of you with my knowledge, skills & experience with lighting, posing and confidence building all in my camera … and then simply use photoshop to refine the final presentation.

Any woman who feels she’s not good enough might understand why after watching this video … it makes me so incredibly sad.   All women are beautiful .. regardless of shape, size, colour etc etc